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LASIK Bucket List-Activities to Enjoy After LASIK Surgery

Most people who undergo LASIK do so because they are ready to be rid of contact lenses and eyeglasses forever. While refractive error correcting devices helped you see the world more clearly, there were likely activities that you missed out on or were more difficult to do wearing glasses or contacts. For example, you may have experienced swimming or underwater diving in a blurred state as it would not be easy to swim with corrective lenses. Now that LASIK has removed that barrier, you can take in the world in all its glory and clarity. 

Bucket list activities, activities to enjoy after LASIK surgery, can feel life changing once you do not have to rely on glasses. From normal routines such as working out in the gym or driving around town to traveling stress free, there are hundreds of options to explore with your eyes wide open and your prescription eyewear left behind. Imagine cooking dinner without steam clouding your vision from a boiling pot or an opened oven door as you prepare your favorite home cooked meal. Enjoy dancing the night away with your friends instead of replacing your contact lenses from dry eye symptoms from wearing them since you woke up in the morning. Experience relaxation at the beach without worry of sun glare on your glasses or the ocean breeze affecting your contacts. For many people, the ability to participate in sports activities sans glasses is a real game changer, pun intended. While extreme sports like bungee jumping or snowboarding seem like natural bucket list memory makers, even ordinary sports such as football, cycling or running can be more enjoyable after LASIK. And don’t underestimate the power of a good nap or restful slumber knowing you won’t accidentally break your glasses or fall asleep with your contacts still in place.

Life is more fun after LASIK. From visiting exotic locations or dancing in the rain to watching your favorite movie or reading a book, bucket list activities to simple joys, one of the greatest benefits of LASIK is no longer relying on prescription glasses or contact lenses to see what is right in front of you. For more information on LASIK, visit WEBSITE. To book a comprehensive eye exam and to find out if you are a candidate for LASIK eye surgery, call Idaho Eye Center at 208-524-2025.

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